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In recent weeks, Twitter has become home to two viral hashtag campaigns: GiveElsaAGirlFriend and GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend , which both propose that beloved pop culture characters, Elsa from "Frozen" and Captain America respectively, be given same-sex partners in the upcoming sequels to their wildly successful films. Because queer people are rarely allowed to openly express their desires without non-queer people losing their minds, it wasn't long before another hashtag predictably reared its exasperated head on Twitter: StopGayingAllTheThings. We've seen some encouraging progress in terms of visibility in mainstream culture and in the media, sure. And, yes, we've finally started to receive some of the same rights as non-queer people I know, I know, we're so obnoxious -- how dare we want to be treated just like everyone else, right? Can you really blame us?

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Senior officer Mohammad Ali Zia says the bodies were recovered late Saturday from a locked house in the Sahiwal district of the eastern Punjab province. Transgender people are often subjected to abuse in conservative, Muslim-majority Pakistan. Marcus Evans, a psychotherapist and ex-governor of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, whose Gender Identity Development Service GIDS is the only NHS clinic to provide gender counselling and transitioning, said many experts were living in fear of being labelled transphobic, which was having an impact on their objectivity. To some extent, this requires a capacity to stand up to pressure coming from various sources: from the young person, their family, peer groups, online and social networking pressures, and from highly politicised pro-trans groups.

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Please we are begging you. Sent on: June 2, I am a gay man…and before that, I was a gay kid…a scared and angry kid who had so much internal homophobia brewing inside of him that he thought he might explode because nothing in the world was convincing him, or trying to convince him for that matter, that it was normal and okay to be who he really was. And I can tell you, when I was that scared kid, shows like The Bright Session were almost non-existent; and what a shame.

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Moved to my hips where he stroked each curve and dip, tracing the bones underneath. When I tried to twist away, he returned to my breasts. Over and over again, we played that game. And the longer it went on, the wetter I became.

"Does this guy," Chris asked, his voice husky as he ran a single finger up and down the soft hollow of skin just behind my ear along the back of my jaw, "know right where to touch you to drive you wild?" I wanted him to both continue and yet stop touching me there.

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"Shh. It's okay. " Chris eased out of me and rolled me onto my back. His left palm cupped my cheek.

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