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Gift Wrap: Currently unavailable for this product. Anal Bleaching, Vaginal Bleaching, do these seem strange? Not really, anal bleaching and vaginal bleaching are no more different than teeth bleaching, hair bleaching or skin bleaching. Everybody has some type of skin flaw that may be corrected with a skin lightener or skin bleaching product.

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Rabia De Latour, M. Porn popularized the anal bleaching trend, which is still going strong. It first gained traction in the early aughts after adult film actress Tabitha Stevens had her anus bleached on the unscripted series Dr. Around the same time, U. Depending on the product, it may contain ingredients such as hydroquinone, azelaic acid, Kojic acid, niacinamide, or other botanical extracts, all of which chemically exfoliate dead skin cells responsible for hyperpigmentation, aka skin darkening caused by excess pigment, according to Dr.

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Stuck with some stubborn scarring or sunspots from your many days in the sun? Maybe more of a troublesome skin condition. To anyone else they may seem small and insignificant, but to yourself they may be magnified and have a damning impact on your self confidence. But is it really worth all of the hype?

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Key features: Hydroquinone-free, doesn't irritate, works over time and is approved by dermatologists. You will need to apply multiple treatments, but this is a small price to pay to achieve stunning results. To understand why Amaira cream is so effective you just need to look at some of the ingredients used in the formulation. Although we previously cautioned against the use of kojic acid, it is used in relatively small quantities here and can actually be very effective in lightening the skin.

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This medical procedure is done for cosmetic purposes, to whiten the color of the skin around the anal region. The process can be performed in a salon or office by a medical professional or with topical creams that can be applied at home. For example, Kojic acid is used in many anus lightening products and is part of the natural rice fermentation process. Using this anal whitening solution, which is also employed in both food and cosmetic products, is a natural way to change the color of your skin and get the job done for you.

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Anal bleaching Danny Pena There are a many ways that people use and do to feel beautiful about themselves. One of this ways is bleaching. People bleach themselves for beauty. Conventionally, people used to lighten themselves on body parts that are seen by people. But currently, you can also have your anus bleached.

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Full disclosure: I never really knew what anal bleaching was. I must have read about it online, something about someone from Geordie Shore getting it done. I also associated it vaguely with porn stars. Other than that, I saw it as one of those things that women were being conditioned into getting in order to fit this unrealistic idea of what men thought of as sexy. But if that was the case, how come there was no Dove advert about it, or viral campaign calling us to freetheasshole?

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