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The cast includes motorcycle enthusiast Brad, 22; Southern belle Cameran, 19; certified masseuse Frankie, 21; quick-witted Jacquese, 19; San Francisco native Jamie, 20, who felt ostracized at college; charismatic Randy, 24, who worked at a Boston nightclub; and Robin, 22, who worked as a bartender in Tampa. Also: Frankie, Jaime and Jacquese feel like outcasts in the house. Also: Randy and Robin become close; Cameran proves to be a busy-body. Also: Cameran experiments with girl-on-girl kisses; and Brad shows the gals his private parts.

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Retrieved from MTV. As a veteran on The Gauntlet 2 she made it to the final mission, but her team bet and lost. There's a temper beneath the lovey-dovey exterior -- especially when alcohol is in the mix or when someone is messing with her man. Her on-and-off relationship with Mark caused some major drama when Beth spilled the details of his affairs with Tonya and Jodi. Without her Challenge "boyfriend" in Brazil, will this buxom beauty be able to make it to the final mission?

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She was most recently a contestant on The Duel. Before coming on the show, she worked as a "Coyote" at the Coyote Ugly bar in Tampa. She's also the first woman in Real World history to be thrown in jail during the show she allegedly assaulted a Marine outside of a night club. She ultimately went to court for this event, and got it reduced to a "Disturbing the Peace" charge.

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" "I can't even begin to imagine the pressure. " "I had ideas about what I wanted to be. when I grew up. " His smile reached up to his eyes, which were bright and looking somewhere over my shoulder.

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"One of the booths at the event had talked about anthropology. How you could use the degree to be an archaeologist. I thought it was the perfect area to study. I wanted to go to all these places around the world and help uncover lost cities and their treasures. Lost civilizations.

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He has apparently brushed it off. You've allowed him to get under your skin and fester. I will say I'm glad you ran out of the house that day to hang out at the mall. But enough is enough.

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I gulped, hoping whatever plans he was forming included allowing me to feel that cock on me. in me. and in short order. He rested one hand near my head.

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Does he bring you right to the edge?" He pulled his hand away suddenly. "And then leave you hanging?" The growl that came from me was frustration and need bundled together.

It was primal. Desperate. My mind was still reeling that he was doing this to me-as delicious as it was-when he hopped up onto the couch into a kneeling position.

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