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Asian music pentatonic notes

The Occidental scale, devised by Pythagoras and perfected by Bach, has been the basis for musical composition in the Western World. However, it is not the only scale that is used when composing music. The Middle East, for example, has a vast number of scales that sound particular to the Western ear. Please follow the link to listen to examples of Oriental Scales: On the contrary to Occidental and Oriental scales, some, such as the Indonesian scales, even follow no pattern in particular.

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Different cultures have differing ideas on the beauty of sounds. The Chinese people may have enjoyed the harmony of the 5 pitches and their pleasant sound, even when played together at once. The Western people may have enjoyed the function and role of half steps, and the tension-release battle that happens throughout every piece of western music. The Indian people may have enjoyed the sheer unfathomable-ness of 24 pitches and their 'scales' resulting in a unique performance of every piece, every time.

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Some scales eventually fell out of use. Others became fixtures of the prevailing culture. All musical-sounding scales consist of a small selection of notes—typically five to seven intervals six to eight notes to the octave. The notes that comprise scales everywhere tend to have simple frequency ratio relationships with the first note of the scale. You can play most widely-used musical scales on a piano or guitar, regardless of the scale's culture of origin.

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Pentatonic Up And Down Now try singing the scale without the audio clip. Can you produce the correct pitches without singing along with someone else? A good method for practice is to record yourself and play it back. A tool like Voice Memo on iPhone or Audacity is helpful for this, see our Audacity article for step-by-step instructions.

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That Tidbit page opened with: Often as we listen to a particular piece of music we think, "That sounds like music from Israel. Or sometimes we might note that it sounds like Native American music or Zydeco Cajun music. What makes us say that? What in the music makes it sound like it comes from a particular country or culture?

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Music scales[ edit ] The first musical scales were derived from the harmonic series. The Guqin has a scale of 13 positions all representing a natural harmonic position related to the open string. By starting from a different point of this sequence, a scale named after its starting note with a different interval sequence is created, similar to the construction of modes in modern Western music. The effect of changing the starting point of a song can be rather like the effect of shifting from a major to a minor key in Western music. The scalar tunings of Pythagoras , based on ratios , , , etc.

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