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Introduce a stripper with a heart of gold. We also learned just how annoying her little-girl voice is. The men of Wisteria Lane already had a good feeling about her. The women, however, were a wee bit miffed about the new stripper on the block, so one by one they had to be convinced that she was worthy of their friendship. Sure enough, each wife gets an audience with Robin during which they learn that she has the wisdom of a hundred lesbian ex-strippers.

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Championships in junior ice dancing with her skating partner David Schilling, and finished in 13th place. According to Benz, "I remember the teacher telling me I should not even try acting. I still have the report card where she was like, 'You will never be an actor. Your voice is horrible.

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Back story[ edit ] Desperate Housewives focuses on the lives of several residents on the suburban neighborhood of Wisteria Lane. Susan invited Robin to move into her house until she gets back on her feet. Orson has been using a wheelchair since Christmas, as a result of a small passenger plane crash landing into a building he and Karl were inside; Karl died as a result of the accident. Lynette Scavo Felicity Huffman , who is in the middle of celebrating her wedding anniversary with Tom Doug Savant , grows angry when she learns her son Parker Joshua Logan Moore is spying on Robin while she showers next door.

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The men all make asses of themselves in front of her and the women are of course freaked. The next day, Parker can see Robin showering from his bedroom and when Lynette gets nasty with Robin about keeping the blinds closed, Robin tells her that Parker offered her cash to have sex with him. Later, Robin asks Bree to help her make a cake as a thank you to Susan and Mike. They begin discussing Orson and Bree talks to Robin a little bit about the struggles in their marriage.

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In an episode devoted to Robin and the different ways she's affected all the women on the street, we see once again that most of the "Desperate Housewives" are pretty horrible people, and you're glad you don't live on their cul-de-sac. But it's a difficult thing to take five -- six if you count Karen McCluskey -- different women, bring them into contact with another, and somehow advance their plotlines or draw out their character. Instead the writers simply ended up cranking out the same old cliches -- Susan is jealous of Mike's interactions with women! Lynette needs to be in control of her family! We all know Lynette has issues, with sex, control, and raising sons.

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" He gave me a soft smile when he tilted his head back and looked up at me. "It was almost five years since I had been intimate with anyone when I met you, Holly. I haven't had a doubt since. " When I turned my head this time, he let me.

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"Look at me. " I blinked, feeling dampness on my eyelashes as I obeyed. "I'm on board, honey. It's okay. " He cupped my cheeks in his palms and brushed his thumbs under my eyes.

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