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Chinese words translation: Close-set Eyes Definition: Close-set eyes usually have less than an eye width space in between Makeup Tips: To create the illusion of a wider gap between the eyes, keep more intense eyeshadow colors at the far corners of the eyes. Apply more mascara on the outer corner of the eye to build volume outwards. Chinese words translation: Wide-set Eyes Definition: Wide-set eyes usually have more than an eye width space in between Makeup Tips: To visually bring the space between the eyes closer to one another, bring a darker eyeshadow color from the outer corner of the eye closer to the middle of the eyelid. You may use more intense eye shadow colors near the inner corner of the eyes. You can also draw your eyebrows closer to one another to make wide-set eyes appear closer together.

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Pinterest As a Korean-American, I know there are plenty of beauty issues that only Asian girls understand — from stick-straight hair that won't hold a curl to sparse brows that will honestly never look like Cara Delevingne's no matter how hard I try. And while the blogosphere is inundated with tutorials and videos on how to tackle these topics, the most confusing experience is how to apply eye makeup on a monolid. Monolids are eye shapes that don't have a natural crease or a "hood" so whenever a how-to instructed me to "blend into the crease," I gave up in frustration and let my pretty eyeshadow palettes get buried at the bottom of my makeup bag. But after chatting with a couple of makeup pros, I learned that having a monolid is far from a beauty "problem.

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Volumizing mascara or falsies Step By Step Tutorial Step 1: Start with applying an eye primer if you want your makeup to last. Use a neutral colored eyeshadow as your base color. Step 2: Use a black eyeliner pencil to draw a thick line on your upper lash line. Step 3: With a stiff brush, blend out the line until there are no harsh lines on your lid.

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They marvel at her shiny black hair, but mostly her skin. She simply has wonderful and extremely youthful-looking skin. It's all due to her Chinese heritage and how well she takes care of herself. This is a woman who drilled into me to wear sunscreen and moisturize my skin every day since I was about five years old. I come from a mixed heritage -- half Chinese and half Caucasian.

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Many of the top models and actresses today tend to opt for this kind of makeup. Once it comes to makeup, Koreans know their fair share of knowledge, they have their own style of makeup. Their eye makeup is outstanding and uses the right Korean eye makeup products. It is surprising to see how they inventive along with artistic they can be by their eyes.

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Share Tweet Have you ever watched a YouTube tutorial for eye makeup and wonder how exactly to do a cut-crease? As an Asian myself, I used to wonder where the crease on my eyes were. Photo credit: tumblr 1. Shimmer Photo credit: pinterest This style of eyeshadow has been made popular by Korean inspired makeup looks. Adding a touch of light shimmer to the inner corner and undereyes make your eyes appear bigger, brighter and livelier.

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We got you! I've you're following the nomakenolife pinterest you probably know that we're always trying to stay up to date with trends and find the best Japanese and Korean makeup inspo! We've gathered some of our favorite eye makeup tutorials to share with you here. We've divided them into sub-categories so you can pick a tutorial that fits your aesthetics!

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And these days it's all about the transformation. Of course, many of us know how to put on make-up but true make-up mastery is all about creating an illusion. From simple contouring, to the more outrageous Insta-worthy overhauls, make-up can work wonders. And eye make-up isn't any different.

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Eyeshadow styles for asian eyes
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