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By Keith Pearson keith. As part of an 8-for-2 playoff, Parziale needed five holes — four played Monday night before darkness and one Tuesday — to settle the final match play spot with Mark Turner, making a par at the par-3 16th. The Mass. Amateur and U.

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Booska tied for 15th place and earned the No. Zaranek is the 26th seed after opening with a 72 and finishing at Placzek matched Zaranek after going The first round of match play was scheduled to being at 7 a. Ron Laverdiere of Crumpin-Fox Club also shot

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He fell behind me on the bed, quickly pulling our bodies back together. Then he reached across me and brought my right knee back, tucking my foot behind his ass. opening me wide. Fucking me slower, one hand danced on my clit while his other fisted in my hair and held my head back against his shoulder while he assaulted my mouth.

I gladly let him.

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Inside, chaos didn't even begin to describe the scene. I just stared for a minute, gawking. Trying not to think of everyone closing in on me like the walls of a room. "You have to not let the crowd get to you. This place does an exceptional job of making me feel claustrophobic.

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"This was supposed to be for tomorrow, but I have a feeling it'll help today. You need a constant reminder that we will handle anything that comes our way. together. " I was paying so much attention to the charm I didn't notice right away that there was something attached inside the lid.

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I swear, I didn't know I'd distracted you. I was just being nice when I saw you were looking at me. So, I smiled. The rest is. well, history.

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At some point, I realized Chris was standing by the island with me, also without a stitch of clothing on. He didn't say anything. He didn't try to calm me. He was just there.

For me.

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Thought it had helped. But then I walked into your bedroom and saw what you were logged into. Hoped but didn't assume it was my profile. Whatever you were reading, it must have been very interesting because you hadn't scrolled down the page for over two minutes. Then when I did see what had captured your attention.

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If I ever did. It definitely hadn't been like this in my head. Then again, hardly anything with him went the way I expected it to. My sigh made my chest shudder, and my throat was raw from coughing and crying. Still, I tried to explain.

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Especially one so simple as my eyes. At least I hadn't lost my voice this time. "Just trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.

" "Wow. " He removed the lid from his cup, blew on the dark liquid inside, and took a hesitant sip.

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