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Most expensive face cream

Yet for those who demand the finest in fashion, food or even home accessories, why would a cheap cream do? At the pointy end of the skincare market, money buys not just lanolin or glycerin but the most exotic of ingredients — from truffle extract and South Sea pearls to green caviar algae and carat gold — along with the promise of, if not eternal youth, at least a longer taste of it. Ingredients not only smell sweet but promise to drench the skin with moisture, promote cellular longevity and restore radiance. The packaging is sleek and luxurious, the kind of wrapping that could hold a rare pink diamond or Cinderella's glass slipper, perhaps. While some dermatologists say Sorbolene does just as well and others raise an eyebrow at the creams' scientific claims, why deny users an excuse to splash out?

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Most women try to find best anti wrinkle cream that will moisturize their skins and hide the aging signs without any side effects. Most of the expensive face creams are used by celebrities to appear with bright and most of the expensive face creams are used by celebrities to appear with bright and attractive skins. We present to you the 10 most expensive face creams that are used for moisturizing, treating, hiding skin problems, such as wrinkles and spots, and for brightening the skin. They contain precious ingredients that increase their prices and make them the best solutions for treating the troubles that our skins suffer from.

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Serums, moisturizers and cremes are cherished products by most women and sometimes men. With the anti-aging technology? They are ready to buy the most expensive of these products, and as you expect, the following list fall in this line. The price varies, however, from a hundred bucks up to thousands. It went into media that the TNS cream contained the foreskin as its major ingredient, the thing that got it more fame.

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We are not saying that these creams are inexpensive, but some women believe that high prices mean high quality. Check out this list of the expensive face creams in the market. It it pretty expensive, but the thing is, women still spend their bucks on such pricey face products. This cream contains green tea and vitamin E; ordinary stuff that you can purchase from any drugstore, but the brand name is probably the reason for the price to surge that high, and not the quality. The other ingredients are ordinary ones such as pineapple juice as well as lactic acid; this mixture helps in healing the skin and reducing any stress you are facing drastically.

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Most expensive face cream
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