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Indeed, the young man with the rosy cheeks and the boyish looks looked the part as so did the senior citizens, but while the boy was an innocent the women were anything but and their conversation reflected the fact that while they may have looked like prim and proper ladies from the outside there was no doubt that they had a rather bawdy side to them. That was certainly more true of 66 year old Ruth Comstock, whose knack of saying and doing the most outrageous things often shocked people who didn't expect such candor, than of Elsie Mundy, her longtime friend who was the exact opposite of Ruth in almost every way. Quiet and reserved as most would expect a 65 year old woman, Elsie would often blush at the words and antics of her friend Ruth, but in many ways she envied Ruth for being so candid and fearless, especially since often Ruth would come out and say things that Elsie would only think about. That was the way it was on that one afternoon in July as they sipped their ice tea, which Ruth had liberally laced with vodka as was her habit.

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For a moment, he did nothing-said nothing-but stare at me. Slowly, he pulled the sheet away, revealing my heaving breasts. His tongue darted out, licking his lips as he ground his cock against me. Then he stilled again.

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" I blinked, feeling dampness on my eyelashes as I obeyed. "I'm on board, honey. It's okay. " He cupped my cheeks in his palms and brushed his thumbs under my eyes. "I just wish you'd talked to me about it first so I had been prepared.

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The irony was, as much as I'd despised the act when I'd read the online list last Christmas, I'd grown to like getting spanked by him. Palms only; not the riding crop or flogger he'd also said he liked on the list.

And my hands or arms needed to be restrained in some way. Who'd have thought it. We'd done lessons on the differences between a blow job versus face fucking.

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Finally, Dirk spoke up. "You can stay at my place. Go grab what you need for now. I'll move you out this week.

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He ran his hands up and down the outside and then the inside of my thighs. "Does he know how to touch you like I do. Seduce you. Please you?" Though my arms still refused to raise to him, words were finally on my tongue. But they never left my mouth because his lips descended on mine.

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