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Take a peek for yourself. Advertisement SO unfortunate. Not to mention disconcerting, because these women are serious athletes. Not fame-hungry, shock-addicted pop stars a la Miley Cyrus. You'd almost think whoever designed this uniform was playing a sick joke on them.

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She knows exactly what type of medicine he needs to feel better. The hot busty babe unzips her uniform and motorboats him with her big tits, pushing his face against her giant breasts and smothering him with them. She takes his big hard cock in her hands, sucking and stroking it into full erection. The slut checks his vitals, putting on her stethoscope and applying it to his shaft, hearing how it throbs and pulsates while she devours it like a cock hungry slut.

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You see, recently, my girlfriend forgot my birthday. All this time, she was planning a surprise. She brought me a present and her name was Lulu! Luckily, my girlfriend explained everything pretty quickly, and the party could start.

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But at night, these glamorous women are barely recognisable from their uniform-clad alter-egos - as these sizzling snaps prove. Working in gruelling jobs that require them to keep their physiques in tip top condition also makes for some sensational selfies. And now, women in uniform have been setting pulses racing in an online gallery on Imgur - sending male and female admirers alike into meltdown. One thing's for sure - these women are certainly not just a pretty face.

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Go to permalink I think if you design uniforms for sporting events, flesh-colored, skintight fabrics should only be used for figure skaters who want to pretend to show massive cleavage without freezing their boobs off. Otherwise, you end up with disasters like this , where a bunch of cyclists look like they're exposing their hoo-has. It's unfortunate, because I'm pretty certain the goal of the costume designer was not to take the highly-skilled athletes of Colombia's IDRD-Bogota Humana-San Mateo-Solgar whew cycling team and make them look like they work for a new chain of genital-exposing theme restaurants called Cooters or The Vajajoint or something horrific like that. But look at these tweeted pictures, taken from a tasteful distance: Oh, man. Oh boy.

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" Dirk glanced at Jolie then back at me. "After I proposed, I suggested that maybe we should elope. But Jolie was insistent that we have a regular wedding, like she's always wanted. Because you had to be there.

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Chris surprised me with his parents' plan to fly us both out west for the week to spend the holiday with them. They had moved closer to one of his sisters last winter, and everyone was gathering in Arizona this year. I was so excited to meet them in person. Yet again, though, our plans were waylaid when my boss asked me to pick up extra shifts due to losing another coworker to early maternity leave.

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Circling his fingertips by my knee. My ankle. One hand clamping down whenever I flinched. My breath hissed between my clenched teeth. The ache in my breasts was increasingly frustrating.

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But the moment I took his cock in one hand and his balls in the other, his eyes drifted closed. He shivered and moaned, his fingers lightly tangling in my hair. Before I dipped my head, I saw his lips part. I smiled and slowly stroked just the top length of his cock, eliciting a couple of sharp inhales from him. I reveled in his early sounds of pleasure.

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They were nothing like the ones I was used to going to here. His included mini-seminars with proper techniques and always ended with the couples practicing whatever had been discussed. Since I was partner-less, he worked privately with me on the weekends in non-sexual situations for about six months. " While he talked, his fingers moved lazily over my skin, sending goosebumps popping up on my arms and legs.

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