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Inspired by the universe and science, he uses a combination of art direction, photography, installations and editing to create his digital masterpieces. At just years-old, his work has attracted collaborators such as Vogue, Opening Ceremony and Sony. He speaks both Spanish and Croatian, but his preferred method of communication is through objects. Nevertheless, through object-speak and a phone call from Madrid we talked to him about his visual language. When asked when he began creating art he answers back with more questions, something he does often.

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Great artists have been manipulating their canvases in surreal and exciting ways for hundreds of years. You only need to look back to the distorted visions dreamed up by Magritte and Dali to see that. You can trace this back to visionary pioneers like the great Dutch artist M. C Escher , who distorted reality by using nothing more than a pencil. Fast forward to the present day, and you have photographers like Thomas Barbey and Erik Johansson who regularly stun us with their surreal creations.

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