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When I looked at his yearbook picture, I recalled moments when I saw him in the hallways. Wolf, 19, said her computer apparently was hacked months before receiving the first threatening e-mail on March At the time, she did not have her current pageant crown and was attending a college in Costa Mesa and lived in an apartment. I literally threw my phone across the room and started screaming. It did not feel real, it was like a horror movie.

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Wolf, who is also 19, came forward earlier this year to say that she had been victimised by Abrahams, whom she remembered from her high school in the community of Temecula, near Los Angeles. Abrahams faces a maximum of 11 years in federal prison when he is sentenced in March, but a plea agreement with prosecutors calls for a term of between 27 and 33 months. In a page, criminal complaint filed in September, prosecutors said Abrahams hacked into and compromised the web cameras on his victims' computers and used them to take pictures while they were naked or undressed in the room. Abrahams then contacted the girls or young women and threatened to post the pictures on their social media accounts unless they sent more or undressed for him on Skype, prosecutors say. According to the criminal complaint, when one of the victims, a year-old girl from Ireland, told Abrahams that she was downloading Skype to comply with his demands but asked him to "have a heart" because of her age, he responded: "I'll tell you this right now!

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Several warnings have been issued over internet-connected cameras that can be remotely hacked by pervs and used to spy on people, reports The Sun. Now one woman in the Netherlands has learned just how intrusive these gadgets can be after buying a cheap version from the Dutch retailer Action. Rilana Hamer, who recently graduated from university and works at a financial services firm, thought the webcam would be a good way to keep an eye on her puppy while she was at work. But it turned out that she was the one that was being monitored. Hamer was with a pal when she noticed the rotating camera swivel to look at her from across the room.

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Pinterest When I first read the email from my hacker, I couldn't stop screaming. I didn't know what to do; I was in a state of complete shock and terror. I had sensed something was wrong, but this was my horrifying confirmation. I was out to dinner with my friends when I got a Facebook notification that somebody in another state had logged into my account and tried to change my password. Thirty minutes later, I got an email from who I assumed to be the culprit.

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Wolf was one of many women whose webcams were hacked by Abrams, who then contacted them demanding more nude photos and Skype conversations. He was arrested in connection with the crime Thursday after admitting his crime in June. She and other young women were victimized by Abrams, who figured out how to access their computers and turn on webcams while the girls undressed. After Abrahams ordered threatened Wolf for more nudes- "your dream of being a model will be transformed into a pornstar," he said- she contacted authorities.

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Young teen girls webcam hacked