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Ask your doctor for advice on how to deal with these common problems. If you are pregnant and have bleeding or pain, call the doctor immediately, even if you are not planning to continue the pregnancy. Things to Avoid Smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking drugs when you are pregnant put you and your baby at risk for a number of serious problems. Alcohol Doctors now believe that it's not safe to drink any amount of alcohol when you are pregnant.

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A healthy pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. Teen mothers are to give birth to premature babies. Sometimes, these babies lack complete development in their bodies and brains. Depending on how premature the baby is, this can lead to lifelong difficulties with health and development.

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Mall displays 'pregnant' schoolgirl mannequins 13 Nov Only by consulting with those who have had a teenage pregnancy, we can attempt to really understand the needs and aspirations of this group without assuming an age bracket can define a whole population. To that end, I decided to conduct a survey via my Twitter account. You can look at the results here. At the time of writing I had 82 responses. Why teenagers really get pregnant The reasons that teenage girls get pregnant are varied, just as they are for older women.

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Findings from previously-conducted research have indicated different preventable factors that predispose female teenagers to pregnancy, such as staff attitudes and the lack of information resulting from poor access to health facilities OBJECTIVE: To explore and describe access to information and decision making on teenage pregnancy prevention by females using a primary healthcare clinic in Tshwane, South Africa METHOD: In this study, the researchers used a descriptive qualitative and exploratory research design to explore and describe the verbal reports regarding prevention of teenage pregnancy by females using a primary healthcare clinic in Tshwane, South Africa. Face-to-face semi-structured interviews were conducted with 15 female participants aged between 15 and 26, who had been pregnant once or more during their teens RESULTS: Two themes emerged, namely, access to information and decision making by female teenagers. Five categories that emerged were: access to information on pregnancy prevention; ignoring of provided information; the use of alternative medicine with hormonal contraception; personal reasons for use and non-use of contraception; and decisions made by teenagers to not fall pregnant. According to Marino et al. Occurrence of pregnancy prior to the teenage years is related to age at menarche, which is commonly used as a milestone for pubertal development and the onset of reproductive capability.

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That message is especially stressed for pregnant women , but new research has found that the health benefits are not just about the mother—flu shots can protect the baby for the first six months after birth. Unfortunately, only 10 percent of the women studied reported getting the flu vaccine while pregnant, which put a lot of babies into the high risk category. Why can the flu vaccine help babies? Children younger than six months are too young to be vaccinated against the flu, she explains, so the best way to protect infants during that time is to make sure the mom got her flu shot during her pregnancy.

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If you need help finding medical care, check with social service groups in the community or at your child's school. Your teen's health care provider can tell her what to expect during her pregnancy, how to take care of herself and her growing baby, and how to prepare for life as a parent. Some topics that will be addressed include: Medical Care At her first prenatal visit, your teen will probably be given a full physical exam, including blood and urine tests. She'll be screened for sexually transmitted diseases STDs and for exposure to certain diseases, such as measles, mumps, and rubella.

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How can teenage pregnancy be prevented? Abstinence This is when a person decides not to have sex until they are married. Some think this is old-fashioned, others think it is morally the best thing to do. So they decide to delay having sex until they are older, more responsible, in a stable relationship with one partner, have a job, or have become independent of their parents.

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Lawyers for Marshae Jones, have filed a motion to dismiss the manslaughter charges against her. Earlier this year, Jones was shot in the stomach during an altercation in front of a Dollar General store in Pleasant Grove, Alabama. She was five months pregnant at the time. Although she was rushed to the hospital shortly afterwards, she lost the pregnancy.

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The term still sends terror shooting through my veins, even now, seven years clear of my teens. It hung over me like a sceptre, whispering: "Whatever you do, don't get yourself pregnant. The end of everything. This idea, that teenage pregnancy destroys your entire future, that it kills it dead in a baby's heartbeat, has been bread-and-butter to sex education campaigners for years. A recent campaign featuring an array of celebrities and its own Twitter hashtag noteenpreg , has fanned the flames of fear to its own advantage.

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