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FAR serves individuals and teams who seek a place to do develop and test engines, test fly rockets, test and fly avionic systems, or most anything related to rocketry. Our facility in the Mojave Desert has launchers for everything from hobby store model rockets all the way to rockets weighing more than 1, pounds. Our static test stands allow you to mount an engine, or an entire rocket, and fire the motor before attempting a flight. Whether it's a rocket powered by a commercially manufactured solid propellant motor, an experimental propellant you made, or a complex liquid propellant rocket, all are welcome!

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Comments A much-awaited trial of an antitrust lawsuit challenging the National Collegiate Athletic Association's policies limiting players' rights to be compensated for commercial use of their likenesses got under way in a California courtroom Monday, with witnesses for the athletes painting the NCAA as a cartel and the association announcing a settlement in a related lawsuit that could result in some payments to current athletes. O'Bannon v. National Collegiate Athletic Association, which had its first full day of testimony Monday, represents one of several legal challenges that target specific NCAA policies and practices but, at their core, take aim in one way or another at the amateurism model that underpins college athletics. The O'Bannon case, named for the lead plaintiff, the former University of California at Los Angeles basketball star Ed O'Bannon you can read primers on the case here, here, and here , alleges that the NCAA through its member conferences operates a cartel that bars athletes from benefiting financially from the use of their names and images in television broadcasts, archival game footage and video games. Read more.

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Kim Stringfellow. Learn more about the Mojave Project For over twenty years, the Rocketry Organization of California ROC has hosted ROCstock, a two-day event where amateur rocketry enthusiasts commune at Lucerne Dry Lake just east of Victorville to launch their diminutive Estes rockets alongside human-sized mega-models capable of breaking the sound barrier. ROCtober is held annually every October. ROCstock occurs twice a year during November and June.

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History[ edit ] Rocket Festivals are an old tradition at the beginning of the wet season in certain parts of Laos and Thailand Amateur rocketry was an especially popular hobby in the late s and early s following the launch of Sputnik , as described in Homer Hickam 's memoir Rocket Boys. One of the first organizations set up in the US to engage in amateur rocketry was the Pacific Rocket Society established in California in the early s. The group did their research on rockets from a launch site deep in the Mojave Desert. The rocket was designed to be powered by combined liquid nitrogen, gasoline, and liquid oxygen.

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"Rise and shine, Holly," a warm voice whispered against my ear. "Time to get up.

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" I paused, swallowing several times. My heart pounded from the adrenaline pumping through my body. I reached out to Chris who handed me the bottle I'd left on the counter by the sink. The water was warm now, but it was wet and helped my dry throat.

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Before Christmas would be ideal. Technically, with how the lease agreement is worded, I could evict you. Please, don't make me. " Jolie's mouth moved, but no sound came out.

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