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Amateur wrestling match

Mayweather dominates the sports world, when it comes to combat sports, something under the radar is a dream match this afternoon in Paris, France. Two wrestlers who could dominate the sport for some time to come are meeting in the finals of the world championships. Kyle Snyder, who was a world champion at 19 and won the Olympic gold medal last year at 20, reached the finals and will face "The Russian Tank," Abdulsalim Sadulaev, who won the gold medal at pounds and was only 18 when he captured the world title in at that weight. Sadulaev is considered the best pound-for-pound wrestler in the world and hasn't lost in competition since he was 17 years old, competing against adults.

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The following are many of the more specific rules labeled as items that are part of the sport of wrestling. Also questions after each item to test your understanding. What is considered a takedown? Well, to set up a takedown, the wrestlers must be working from the neutral or standing position; a situation where neither wrestler has control. Then a takedown is scored when one of the wrestlers gains control over the other, causing his opponent's supporting points the area or areas in which most of the body weight is placed to be the knees, thighs, buttocks, or hands.

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Scoring[ edit ] Greco-Roman and freestyle differ in what holds are permitted; in Greco-Roman, the wrestlers are permitted to hold and attack only above the waist. In both Greco-Roman and freestyle, points can be scored in the following ways: Takedown: A wrestler gaining control over their opponent from a neutral position. Reversal: A wrestler gaining control over their opponent from a defensive position. Exposure or the Danger Position: A wrestler exposing their opponent's back to the mat, also awarded if one's back is to the mat but the wrestler is not pinned. Penalty: Various infractions e.

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While many reasons were tossed around for his decision to make the move only one thing is certain: Sanderson thought he could accomplish more at PSU and until he proves me wrong, this is a major moment in collegiate wrestling. What happened next shocked everyone except perhaps Caldwell. The NC State giant killer hit a low single just five seconds into the match to score his first takedown and never trailed en route to a dominant victory over what will become one of the greatest college wrestlers of all time. After jumping that hurdle just before the 's with a win at the tournament, they took just two more seasons to capture the team's first ever National title in and tacked on another title the following season.

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Photo courtesy Ssgt. Jason M. Is it a sport or a show? Is it real or fake?

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When a wrestler gains control and maintains restraining power over an opponent, as seen here, he is said to be in the position of advantage. Throws can be performed in collegiate wrestling, but there is not as much emphasis placed on them as in the international styles. Collegiate wrestling differs in a number of ways from freestyle and Greco-Roman. There are some scoring differences.

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Amateur wrestling match
Amateur wrestling match
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