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Asian craft furniture

From German Bauhaus designers to Scandinavian and American mid-century makers, modernists have always been inspired by Asia. Asian craft offers an alternative to the steel-and-glass rigidity of Western minimalism. Before Sam Maloof, Ming makers had perfected the art of mortise-and-tenon joinery. Strong joints were designed to hold chairs together without adhesives, so that they could be disassembled, packed and re-assembled at will—outlasting anything built with nails that would rust or glue that would crumble. Chinese and Japanese craftsmen also saw their trade as a kind of humble, hard-won religion.

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Baro is a fun mix of objects that are curated and in-house furniture. Carpentry at Baro The Mid-century furniture designed and created at Baro is created from reclaimed and recycled wood. Seen here is Nakashima, a desk constructed using traditional wooden joinery sans nails or screws. Shamiana The furniture also renders a backdrop against which the curated goods are displayed or a canvas that allows them to play with styles and designs. Pattachitra Pattachitra at Baro are created by artists in Bengal and Orissa who belong to a generation of artists.

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Zhou, an experienced Chinese timber businessman said, thinking about what is next for his timber business. When it comes to the difficulties of doing timber business in Zambia, fickle policies which are getting stricter and stricter is the biggest complaint of every Chinese businessman. Chinese timber business has been in Zambia since around , mostly in exporting raw material in different forms. Log exportation has been prohibited long ago thus most Chinese businessmen export lumps instead of logs as their main business. Since around , lump exportation was gradually banned, therefore businessmen turned to board products.

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Contact About Asian Furniture and Craft has been providing the quality home and Office furniture at incredible savings backed by exceptional customer service. We began by offering unfinished oak furniture and have since become a full line furniture dealer offering upholstered furniture including leather and a wide selection of fabric items. Our selection of wood furniture has also grown to include woods such as pine, cherry and maple in a variety of factory finishes. Our great prices and customer service then, as now, gives our customers the best savings and value for all of their home furnishing needs. Asian Furniture and craft designers meet with you at the property or within our offices.

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Our purpose is to create quality wooden furniture that lasts for generations and withstands trends. Designing furniture that versatile and associate well with different styles, while our solid wood is strong and ages incredibly well with time. It also certified and sourced from responsibly and carefully managed forests. Magnificent craftsmanship is at the core of our furniture product, and behind the simplicity of our pieces lies a constant drive for innovation. Incorporating advanced techniques to our process of creation, each new design is revised and reworked to the last detail: every curve, texture and line reflects our philosophy.

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