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It stuck in my head and grew into a triple X-rated fantasy that would be a full length feature film if produced. This is the first of several chapters. Be warned, the subject matter involves incest, and non-consensual sex. All the characters are of legal age, although the protagonist might be described as "barely legal".

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Three drops. That was all it took and finally - after 18 years - the tables had turned. He was now the one in charge. Excerpt:He quickly tore them off and then slapped her on her firm rear. He slapped her again and again until she was sobbing with both pleasure and pain.

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Samantha was quite the looker at 22 years old with a thin frame with long straight black hair and blue eyes. Her mom was maybe even better looking than her with a pretty face, brown eyes, and brown hair tied in a ponytail going down her back. They walked into the office and they saw a long red haired woman sitting there with a bright smile on her face. As Samantha and Catherine went to get two chairs from a nearby table, Doctor Williams admired how attractive both of them are.

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I had no idea that it would eventually take me down the path to the ultimate taboo. I was extremely popular at swinger parties after I gave my first hypnosis demonstration. Husbands asked me to use hypnosis to alter their wives' behaviors. One frustrated husband had begged his wife for years to give him some ass. I hypnotized her and convinced her that she wanted a dick up her ass more than anything in the world.

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My name is Bill I am a pretty typical guy for my age 18 however I have something that sets me aside from everyone else. The power to hypnotize anyone who looks into my eyes. I always knew had this power and I use it every now and then to do pranks, humiliate people, get good grades nothing huge. To tell a little more about me I live with my mother who is actually quiet attractive and my sister who is only a little younger than me. Soon enough my world was turned upside down that fatal day.

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Test Subject Ch. The her I refer to is my oldest sister Lauren, a total knockout. She's five foot ten, slender, with nicely large breasts and a gorgeous face framed with stunning red hair, which comes from my mother's side of the family. Similar can be said for my other two sisters, Eliza and Ashley, save the fact that Eliza is a blonde. I on the other hand, have been told I resemble my father a comparison I've never had the luxury of making.

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I appreciated him even more for it. "I received a letter last week. " He bunched up his empty wrapper and played with the plastic lid from his cup, his eyes on the table.

"Someone I knew while I was in college reached out with. an offer.

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One hand gripped me behind the neck, holding my head to his. The other hand slid up and down my left side. Caressing my arm, breast, hip, thigh. Intentionally distracting me. I shoved on his right shoulder.

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