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Famous amateur operators

Main article: History of amateur radio An amateur radio station in Wales. Multiple transceivers are employed for different bands and modes. The origins of amateur radio can be traced to the late 19th century, but amateur radio as practiced today began in the early 20th century. As with radio in general, amateur radio was associated with various amateur experimenters and hobbyists. Amateur radio enthusiasts have significantly contributed to science , engineering , industry , and social services.

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Twenty six years ago, Keki Darbary and Vilas Rabade, two amateur radio enthusiasts from Pune, were fiddling with their ham radio sets when they accidentally established contact with a Soviet astronaut aboard the orbital space station, MIR. They had a three-minute exchange, and a number of their fellow ham radio enthusiasts were also tuned into this conversation that took place on April 14, In many ways, it was the first social network — anyone with the right equipment could join, get a call sign, and start chatting. If you have ever wondered why amateur radio operators are called hams, the story goes like this: HAM was the station call of the first amateur wireless station, operated by amateurs from the Harvard Radio Club.

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Only the governments of Yemen and North Korea currently prohibit their citizens from becoming amateur radio operators. In some countries, acquiring an amateur radio license is difficult because of the bureaucratic processes or fees that place access to a license out of reach for most citizens. Most nations permit foreign nationals to earn an amateur radio license, but very few amateur radio operators are licensed in multiple countries. Gender[ edit ] In the vast majority of countries, the population of amateur radio operators is predominantly male.

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And while the printing press revolutionized the way writing was exchanged and shared with the world, the invention of radio as entertainment, emergency, and communication technology had a similar effect on oral storytelling. From this, ham radio, also known as amateur radio, was born as a subset of commercial radio. The appeal of communicating independently to others across the globe struck a chord with many people in the early 20th century—including women looking for ways to participate in war efforts, and connect with other women around the world. Many hams consider amateur radio to be the original maker skill, requiring knowledge of electricity, geography and communication.

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