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People might ask why I'm posing masturbation as if it were a bad thing or a disease — but I'm certainly not saying that it is not normal. But if it is something that you want to quit and you still go back again and do it, just to feel defeated and depressed and every time you do it, you again say to yourself, "Not again. Then you know that something is not right. If there's nothing wrong with it, why do you want to quit and why do you go back and do it again and again? Anything that has the word 'addiction' associated with it, is not good.

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Your browser does not support HTML5 video tag. Click here to view original GIF Sexy pop quiz! Have you ever awoken utterly confused to a mild vibration, only to find it's your partner taking care of business, solo-style right there beside you in bed? Did you: A Laugh.

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Previous Quote Next Quote And not only do they insist on having their own made-up, bullshit history, that they failed to own or make up themselves, but rather quilted together from collected bits and bobs created by non-Aspers, Assburglers also have to have their own culture. Even worse, they've ripped off the deaf , who actually have something in common besides being attention whore assholes. Assplurgian: The Language of the Asspie[ edit ] Artist's reenactment More proper reactions The typical Asplurgian who claims to be agnostic libertarian and dates a Japanese porn star seiyu When Asspies try to speak, they tend to talk in a way that butchers the English language so hard that it would make text in an NES game look like it was written by Robert Frost. I would, I want, I wish you'd shut the fuck up. Language amongst these individuals differs from normal uses of language.

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It's hard-wired into our brains to propagate the species. And anyway, it feels pretty awesome. But here's more good news: Having an orgasm could help improve your health. One of the main reasons orgasm feels so good is because your brain releases the pleasure hormone oxytocin when you climax. Oxytocin is also called the "love hormone" because of its important role in facilitating social bonding between humans.

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How often do you masturbate? Woman A: Once a fortnight-ish. Woman B: Roughly four to six times a week. Woman C: Several times a week. Depending on how I feel, up to two times each day.

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"Does he cause you to make sounds like I do?" He moved his right hand underneath my top and slowly slid it up and down my side from my waist to the bottom of my bra then back. Again. And Again. Making me arch with a choked gasp each time, my fingers fluttering on the couch.

The longer he stroked, the louder the noises were that trickled past my lips.

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