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Pocket It was late morning, and I was putting up a fresh pot of coffee when I heard the first meow. It sounded awfully close, as if from inside the apartment instead of the backyard one story down. Then I heard it again, and there was no doubt. I texted my roommate.

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Search for: Ugh school tumblr bi, bi, bi. We all went onto the stage boys on one side, girls on the other so they could announce the results, "Alright everyone, it's time for the results," the announcer started, "The winner of the boys' band goes to…. Play a stadium concert. The chemical burn from the spiral perm. Book flights for next spring.

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Lightning Bolt! Since gaining popularity across LARP communities in early s, the video went viral and introduced the obscure hobby of live-action role playing to the general public. Star Wars Kid Star Wars Kid is a name given to a video of teenager Ghyslain Razaa pretending to fight off enemies using a lightsaber , while actually using a type of club. It was spread around by Kazaa in , and was digitally edited to make the club look like a lightsaber in the style of the movie series. Subsequently, the video was featured on major news sites across the internet.

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Andrew Jacobs Where were you born and where do you reside now? I now live in New York City. Self taught or schooled in photography? How do you find cohesion between your still life, portraits, and landscapes?

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"After I proposed, I suggested that maybe we should elope. But Jolie was insistent that we have a regular wedding, like she's always wanted. Because you had to be there. To be her maid of honor.

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But this morning when I asked her if Dirk was defrosting the turkey at his place because I'd not seen it, she dropped the bomb that he was on a no-poultry diet and had bought a ham for us to bake instead tomorrow. Lots of people had ham instead of turkey. I liked ham, didn't I. Then she rationalized, since there was no bird, there was no need for stuffing.

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Had I imagined it all. "Do I smell ham?" Chris asked, his own coat joining mine. "What happened to-" "Don't ask," I mumbled. "Is it just us two?" The sound of a scream and then raucous laughter from the back of the apartment had him shaking his head.

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"Nevermind. " He took my hand, leading me to my room. Behind the closed door with just one bedside lamp on, he slowly stripped me and then himself. Neither of us spoke.

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You didn't go into any of the stores nearby. And you hadn't bought anything before that from what I could see. Yet, there was the most brilliant, carefree smile on your face. I could tell you were like me. Wanting more out of life than what we'd been given, but still content with it.

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" I gave him a smile and kissed him when he returned to me. "I have a proposition. Please, hear me out?" "Of course. " He followed me to the couch and sat down beside me. I took both of his hands in mine.

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