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There are peels for everything from acne and rosacea to photoaging. This form of treatment has been shown beneficial for a wide range of patients. Because chemical peels are customizable and range in strength from mild to deep, they are complementary to a variety of complexions and skin types. Whether you want to correct blemishes or wrinkles, or just want to refresh your healthy glow, Dr. Lupo can customize a chemical peel to meet your needs.

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Benjamin Boudreaux offers chemical peel treatments at our office in Mandeville, LA. This treatment will eventually cause the outermost layer of skin to peel away, revealing a supple, smooth layer underneath. We offer different chemical peels in varying strengths to treat blemishes, wrinkles, sunspots, acne scars, and other imperfections of the skin. Patients with darker skin tones may still be able to achieve satisfactory results with a light or medium chemical peel. Generally, patients who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their skin due to aging, acne, or other treatable factors may be candidates for a chemical peel.

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The simple application of a chemical solution will cause the top layers to separate and peel off, leaving the new skin less wrinkled, smoother and more even. Deirdre Hooper, a dermatologist at Audubon Dermatology. Contrary to popular belief, not all chemical peels are the same. Kamran Khoobehi, a plastic surgeon in Metairie.

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Lunch time peel, this is the chemical used for i. Facial peel at home the ultimate guide. Now you can do these peels at home safely and with fantastic results. A chemical peel is a way to gently resurface the skin by removing the top layers Standard glycolic peels tend to be quite mild, allowing the patient to resume. Home glycolic acid facial peels metairie.

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