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I have papers due, and finals. I have to help my dad rule our small European country sometimes that many people frequently mistake for the movie versions. Check it, peeps: pears are NOT what Genovia is best known for. Though I appreciate what the movie versions based on my life have done for the Genovian tourist industry. Oh, well, too late now, I suppose.

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Send a message Description: Standalone account. You can edit the settings page to change it. This is my naughty blog right now. Notice how the icon is that snazzy default thing?

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Another deep shudder passed through me, making my breath hitch. My voice was scratchy when I finally felt I could speak. I spilled what had happened last year at the Halloween party. The week after.

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"Yes, honey. Just like that. " I was concentrating so much on his face and the movements of his fingers dancing over my skin that I didn't realize he'd scooted the storage ottoman closer. I turned my head at the squeak of the lid's hinges.

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Thankfully, he was patient, and I quickly became better at stemming my impulses when our times together grew more intense. Through it all, he said he had faith in me.

I had my doubts that I was too stubborn for him. that he'd give up on me. But he never did.

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We'd played in similar ways before, and I'd held out for longer than I'd expected I would. I just didn't know how long he was going to draw it out this time. Who would give in first. Sudden movement at my waist had me gasping louder.

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"Good girl. " It was hard to swallow when both of his hands caressed then squeezed my ass, pushing my cheeks together before spreading them apart. "Look at me.

" He tugged on my hair until I glanced over my right shoulder, my body twisting slightly. "Stay just like that.

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