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The man went to a hospital in southeast China after he noticed a "ball-sized" lump had fallen out of his anus but was still attached to his body, according to the Daily Mail. The man was diagnosed with rectal prolapse, a relatively uncommon condition in which the rectum, or the last part of the large intestine , becomes detached from inside the body and essentially turns itself "inside out," allowing it to slip out of the anus, according to the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons ASCRS. The condition affects about 2 out of every , people, and up to two-thirds of patients with the condition have chronic constipation, ASCRS says. Rectal prolapse is most common in women over age 50, but it can occur in younger adults and children as well, according to the Cleveland Clinic. The exact cause of the condition is unclear, but certain factors may play a role, including loose muscles of the anal sphincter the muscle that controls the release of stool , previous injury to the anal or pelvic areas, damage to the nerves in the rectal area; chronic constipation or straining during bowel movements, and infections with intestinal worms , according to the Cleveland Clinic.

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Feb 12, Getty Images Chances are, in this digital age, you're reading this article on your phone. If you are, and if you also happen to be reading this article while sitting on the toilet, here's some advice: maybe We'll keep this short, because you really need to put away the phone and get up, because if you don't it could have some seriously horrific consequences. In China, a man's rectum fell out of his butt because he sat on the toilet for too long.

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Rectal prolapse occurs when part or all of the rectum slides out of place and sticks out of the anus, turning the rectum "inside out. Rectal prolapse is an uncomfortable condition that requires treatment to fix. What Causes Rectal Prolapse? There's no single definitive cause of rectal prolapse, although a number of known factors can increase your risk of developing this condition.

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