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Used amateur gear

Welcome to our site, please feel free to view ham radios and gear for sale and also post your own equipment that you would also like to sell with our free amateur radio classifieds. We are already receiving a lot of visitors and we are quickly growing! We look forward to supporting the hobby further via our increased growth but without listings we won't have many results for buyers visiting us. If you see room for improvement on this site, let us know. There is a lot of opportunity at the moment on how we can customize this service, so please send us any recommendations you may have.

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Since that time, my collection of amateur radio gear has grown through new and used equipment acquisitions. So when a youtube viewer asked the following question, it struck a chord with me: There has got to be good used equipment out there, I mean people always want something new, so where do I find GOOD used equipment? There is a robust used market for amateur radio. The challenge is finding quality equipment at a good value. Your most reputable sources will be amateur radio dealers and private sales via club members.

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We rose together, disposed of our cups, and then walked single-file back to our post to complete the rest of the day. If I'd thought the morning had dragged, the afternoon was even worse. The shoppers and the employees were both running out of patience, the crowds had increased, and no one really wanted to take the time to answer a consumer survey about their dish soap and laundry detergent.

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As soon as we were alone, Chris secured the lock and chain on the door, chuckling. "What was that?" "I looked up and saw my way out of the chaos. " I gave him a smile and kissed him when he returned to me.

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Improved the pleasure, there were many aspects of that life I didn't like. Drugs were prevalent in our circle. Heavy drinking. Swapping partners.

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Found that there were varying aspects of all the roles, not just the hardcore stuff I'd been told about. It helped that I could be anonymous and still get advice.

Eventually, I got brave enough to go to the local gatherings that met in public for meals and chitchat. Felt comfortable sharing about my own experiences.

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Lather, rinse, repeat. Harder. Faster. Driving me further on.

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